Visualizing Personal Nutrition Intake and Emotions

December 8, 2016
Duration: One Semesternew
Goals: Using tools like D3 to build an environment to let users explore, interact, and understand what their food journey has been in the past year, and how they are correlated with their emotion and mood.
Responsible TA: Onur Yuruten (onur DOT yuruten AT
Student Name: Yumeng Hou
Keywords: information visualization, machine learning, sentiment analysis, personal health

Existing apps do not do justice to the amount of attention we pay to personal food and nutrition intake. We spend three times a day to select, prepare, and consume our meals. And if we are able to share with our friends and family members, these meals can contribute to the most memorable moments of our lives. How can we make a digital diary of our food consumption and the emotions that accompanied them? how can we make these memories as delicious as the food we ate? This project aims at exploring both information visualization issues as well as personal health issues. Along the way, we want our students to have fun with the D3 tool and learn a few things about color design. 

The responsible student will:

  • Survey what has been in this field including work from our lab
  • Build the food and mood visualizaiton environment in D3
  • Make it available to the Web users
Related Skills: Human computer interaction, information visualization, interest in personal health, web programming, passion to succeed in multidisciplinary work
Suitable for: Master Student. Please contact Onur (above) or along with your CV.