Tomorrow’s music player [Archived]

February 27, 2008


Title: Tomorrow’s music player
Duration: One Semester
Responsible TA: Nicolas Jones
Goals: The goal of this project is to design a new visual interface for an existing music recommender,
Solution: Extend the jlfm java library and create a music player (respecting the audioscrobbler protocol)
Keywords: audioscrobbler. interface, java,, library, middleware, mp3, protocol, streaming, visualisation

When the first music recommender systems appeared a few years ago, and Pandora set the trend as for what the interface should look like. Since then, many new recommenders and social music players have emerged, but little have presented an innovative interface, preferring to copy the industry’s current standard. This project aims at introducing some novelty in this process by removing some buttons which can be replaced by analysing a user’s behavioural pattern and inferring adequate actions from his implicit preferences. This reduction of visual items in the interface brings up some place for new elements, such as visual representations of social similarity amongst users, tag clouds, and more. The advantage of such a system is to use the recommendation power of an accepted and popular system, but providing an innovative interface, resolving many of the classic user interaction issues of dynamic music recommender systems Current Java libraries (from the Jlfm project) provide basic access to’s platform and allow to capture any stream of music. They can easily serve as a feed for a new interface. The interface could be written in Java, but could also be proposed as a web-page interacting with a server-instance of the existing Java libraries. The main steps of this project would be to first extend the communication means with creating a new music player (software or website) before working on additional features.

Required Skills
  • Good software engeneering skills (java or scala and possibly xhtml/css)
  • Basic HCI knowledge
  • Creativity and interest in music