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Behavior Recommender Systems

Title: Behavior Recommender Systems Dates: 2013-2017 Researchers: Onur Yuruten and Pearl Pu Keywords: Activities of daily living, activity recognition, data mining, time series analysis, statistical analysis, behavior recommenders Abstract: Sedentary lifestyles influence the onset of many serious health problems. Healthy behavior change is an arduous task, but behavior recommenders can help their users achieve it. This novel […]

Visualizing Personal Nutrition Intake and Emotions

Duration: One Semester Goals: Using tools like D3 to build an environment to let users explore, interact, and understand what their food journey has been in the past year, and how they are correlated with their emotion and mood. Responsible TA: Onur Yuruten (onur DOT yuruten AT epfl.ch) Student Name: Yumeng Hou Keywords: information visualization, […]

Predicting Seizures in EEG recordings

Duration: One Semester Goals: Create and evaluate an EEG-based seizure forecasting system. Responsible TA: Igor Kulev (igor DOT kulev AT epfl.ch) Student Name: Yuguang Yao (exchange student from Tsinghua University) Keywords: time series, classification, forecasting, healthcare Abstract: Epilepsy afflicts nearly 1% of the world’s population, and is characterized by the occurrence of spontaneous seizure. Seizure […]

Wellness Sensing Using Wearable Sensors

Title: Wellness Sensing Using Wearable Sensors Duration: One semester (February – June 2012) Responsible TA: Dr. Zerrin Yumak Student Name: Javier Martin De Valmaseda Goals: Develop a stable platform for mobile sensor data collection, labeling and post visualization method. Solution: Android mobile application for activity labelling and accelerometer data collection. Keywords: mobile sensors, pervasive healthcare, […]