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Emotion Recognition in Human Dialogs

Duration: One Semester Goals: Build a specialized emotion recognition engine (ER) for human dialogs Supervisor: Dr. Pearl Pu Student Name: Open Keywords: Emotion Recognition, sentiment analysis, machine learning Abstract: Built on our lab’s competence in emotion recognition, this project aims at building a specialized emotion recognition engine for dialogs obtained from a big TV subtitle […]

Happy Food: Exploring Effects of Nutrition on Emotional Well-being

Duration: One Semester Goals: Analyze relations between nutrition and emotional well-being based on the experiences reported in social media. Responsible TA: Pearl Pu Student Name: Othman Benchekroun Keywords: Emotion Recognition, Twitter, Data Analysis, Statistics, Social Media Analysis, Nutrition, Well-being Abstract: Nowadays, much about human behavior can be discovered from their online traces in social media. […]

Modeling Effects Of Modifiers on Emotional Statements

Duration: Two semesters (February – June 2015, February – June 2016) Goals: Investigate the effects of different linguistic modifiers on emotional expressions, and suggest how to model those effects within emotion recognition system. Responsible TA: Valentina Sintsova and Pearl Pu Student Names: Margarita Bolívar Jiménez (2015) and Nataniel Hofer (2016) Keywords: Emotion Recognition, Text Classification, […]

Predicting Influence of Online Reviews with Emotion Extraction [Archived]

Duration: One semester (can be adapted to both bachelor and master students) Goals: Improve our prediction capability of influence among reviews from e-Commerce websites, and our understanding of human behavior in this setting. Responsible TA: Lionel Martin  and Pearl Pu Keywords: emotion recognition, influence detection, prediction, social media analysis, natural language processing Abstract: Reviews keep playing […]