Scalable Intelligent Electronic Catalogs

November 4, 2013
Title: Scalable Intelligent Electronic Catalogs
Dates: 1998 – 2001
Researchers: Adriana Maria Jurca and Pearl Pu
Keywords: e-commerce, h/m interaction, visualization, artificial intelligence, planning systems
Abstract: In traditional commerce, merchants compete not only on price, but also on the services offerred to their customers. Good salespeople understand their customer’s needs and preferences, and are skilled at matching them to the products. In electronic commerce, such functions have to be carried out by the interaction model underlying the store front. Providing such an interaction model with catalog intelligence can provide more rich user experience, for example by offering: * personalized search functionalities for finding products according to complex criteria; * matching techniques that help the customer formulate his wishes by comparing them with those of others; * and configuration functions that compose products out of several parts, and filtering and visualizing tools to help users making purchase decisions.
Sponsor: Swiss National Science Foundation
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