Visual Analytics of Nutrition and Emotion


Nowadays, information visualization and visual analytics techniques have been considered as an efficient tool for users to gain knowledge from the extensive data, especially to gather feedback on their psychophysical status and to promote positive changes in behaviors and attitudes within the Quantified Self movement. Existing practices often take an informational approach, i.e., using conventional visualization techniques such as charts and graphs, to illustrate people’s daily food consumption as well as emotional conditions. However, such design may not be able to maintain users’ interest over an extended period, and its persuasive capacity can be rather limited. This project will also explore the use of experience-oriented visualization techniques, e.g., illustrative, artistic, and ambient design, to increase users’ awareness and facilitate their exercise on nutrition intake and emotion well-being.

The proposed research aims to explore the influence of various visualization techniques on men- tal and physical well-being by active and passive monitoring. We also want to investigate the relationships among social sharing, food consumption and emotion well-being.


Visual analytics, food visualization, emotion visualization




Zhida Sun and Pearl Pu