An Information Processing Model and Interaction Principles for Decision Tradeoff


CritiqueShop is an online platform for designing and evaluating e-commerce product search tools based on the critiquing technique. It provides a unified user interface so that the performances of different recommendation algorithms can be evaluated under the same condition. This system is developed with Java/AJAX (see Google web toolkit for the detail of this technology). For more information about this system, please see our publications. Click here for more.


Information processing model, interaction principles, tradeoff


2004 – 2008


Jiyong Zhang and Pearl Pu


Swiss National Science Foundation


  • Jiyong Zhang, Nicolas Jones, and Pearl Pu. A Visual Interface for Critiquing-based Recommender Systems. submitting to an upcoming conference.
  • James Reilly, Jiyong Zhang, Lorraine McGinty, Pearl Pu and Barry Smyth. Evaluating Compound Critiquing Recommenders, to appear in the ACM International Conference on E-Commerce, San Diego, June 2007.
  • James Reilly, Jiyong Zhang, Lorraine McGinty, Pearl Pu and Barry Smyth. A Comparison of Two Compound Critiquing Systems, in the proceedings of the International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces(IUI2007), Hawaii, January 2007.


User studies

We launced our first user study in September 2006. We attracted 95 people to participate this user study to evaluate two critiquing algorithms based on the first version of critiqueshop system. Of these 95 users, 87 successfully completed the evaluation. We selected one user profile randomly among these 87 users to win our gift. The lucky winner is Juan Ye , a postgraduate student in the School of Computer Science & Informatics in UCD, Dublin, Ireland. The gift was an Amazon voucher worthy 100EURO.

The second user study was launched in November 2006. This time we attracted 85 users to complete this user study to evaluate different critiquing algorithms based on an improved version of the critiqueshop system. Again we randomly selected one user among them and this time the lucky winner is Giuseppe Certo, an undergraduate student in EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland. He have received an external hard disk worthy 149CHF as the gift. Congratulations to him!

The third user study was launched in September 2007.We had 83 users who completed the study successfully. As we had mentioned earlier, one of the users would be selected randomly to win a gift. Here we would like to announce that the lucky winner of this time was Xiaokun Guo, a master student in International Tourism Management from Lugano University, Switzerland. He has received an Amazon voucher worth CHF 150 .-. Congratulation to him!