Recommender System in the EPFL framework [Archived]

February 17, 2008
Title: Recommender System in the EPFL framework
Duration: One Semester
Responsible TA: Nicolas Jones
Goals: The goal of this project is to design and implement a simple recommender system for EPFL users.
Keywords: recommender systems
Abstract: This project combines a little research and a real implementation. The first part focuses on finding a framework that students use regularly and where they would be eager to rate. First ideas are rating teachers or courses. The challenge of this first step is to have as many people as possible involved in this procedure on a regular basis. The second part of the project is to implement a recommender system, according to results of step one. The solution must be simple, and can be an item-to-item or user-to-user recommender. The goal for the lab is to have a first-hand experience on how the existing methods work and provide some insights on how to improve it.
Project Results:
  • research for an adequate framwork at EPFL for students
  • implementation of a recommender system for rating
Required Skills
  • previous experience of web interfaces
  • HTML/PHP/Mysql (or other programming language – will be determined when chosing the framework)