Persuasive technology in Group Lifestyle Recommender Systems [Archived]

May 15, 2014
Duration: One semester
Goals Persuasive technology aims to change people’s behavior or attitude through persuasion and social influence, but not coercion. Particularly, social influence has been identified as an effective component in motivating users’ behavior change in lifestyle. This project aims to develop a group lifestyle recommender system by applying persuasive technology based on a group recommender system called GroupFun.
Responsible TA: Yu Chen  and Pearl Pu
Keywords: Persuasive technology, social influence, behaviour change

The student will develop a group lifestyle recommender system based on a group music recommender system called GroupFun and conduct user studies to evaluate the system.

More concretely, the responsible student will perform the following tasks:

  • Qualitative research: including 1) conduct interview with real users to identify their goals, needs and requirement and 2) survey competitor products, relevant studies and identify novel approaches.
  • Prototype: Design and implement the lifestyle recommender using social influence based on qualitative research.
  • User study: Evaluate the system and persuasion technology with real users.
Related Skills: Java. Mobile app development experience  is a plus.