Happy Food: Exploring Effects of Nutrition on Emotional Well-being

April 26, 2016
Duration: One Semester
Goals: Analyze relations between nutrition and emotional well-being based on the experiences reported in social media.
Responsible TA: Pearl Pu
Student Name: Othman Benchekroun
Keywords: Emotion Recognition, Twitter, Data Analysis, Statistics, Social Media Analysis, Nutrition, Well-being

Nowadays, much about human behavior can be discovered from their online traces in social media. People describe their lives, personal events, their reactions to products and global events, and also reveal their eating preferences. Research studies suggest that having a healthier lifestyle, including eating healthier food, can improve personal well-being and make a person happier. This project will analyze the relations between nutrition and emotional well-being as detected from social media. It will aim to derive more fine-grained patterns of relations between the products we eat and the emotions we experience.

The responsible student will:

  • Survey the state-of-the-art methods in text-based emotion recognition and related work on personal well-being relation with nutrition
  • Collect the tweets for studying relations between reported emotions and mentioned food types
  • Adapt (and potentially improve) existent tools for emotion recognition and food mention classification to extract required information from the collected tweets
  • Perform statistical data analysis to discover patterns of relations between emotions and specific food types
Related Skills: Programming skills; Statistics; Basic knowledge of Data Mining and/or Machine Learning; Interest in Social Media Analysis, and/or Computational Linguistics
Suitable for: Master Student