Supplementary Materials for Valentina’s Thesis

We describe here the suppementary materials that were generated during the work on her thesis by Valentina.

We share with the research community the following materials:

  • OlympLex: Crowdsourced emotion lexicon for the domain of reactions to sporting events on Twitter 
  • Dystemo: The source code for the distant learning framework. It allows to learn the domain-specific classifiers using available emotion lexicons or seed words. It includes (or can be provided separately) the main lexicons that we obtained with it for the domain  of reactions to sporting events on Twitter 
  • Modifiers’ Analysis: The source code for detecting the modifiers in text and quantifying their effect over the available annotated (or pseudo-annotated) data

These materials are currently available only via the e-mail request to Valentina.

Note that we distribute the source code and emotion lexicons for research purposes only. Please contact Valentina if you require any other type of licence.