HCI Group Members

Pearl Pu
Dr. Pearl Pu
Head of the HCI Group

Dr. Kavous Salehzadeh Niksirat
Postdoctoral Researcher

Igor Kulev
Ph.D. Student

Yubo Xie
Ph.D. Student

Dr. Claudiu Musat
Former Scientific Researcher

Valentina Sintsova
Former Ph.D. Student

Onur Yuruten
Former Ph.D. Student
Zhida Sun
Visiting Ph.D. Student
Jiayu Shu
Visiting Ph.D. Student

Lionel Martin
Former Ph.D. Student

Maoan Zhou
Former Research Collaborator and Project Manager

Gregoire Devauchelle
Former Intern Student


Former Post-Doc and Ph.D. students of HCI/EPFL

Dr. Yu Chen  Postdoc at UC Irvine. Ph.D. student at HCI between 2010-2015.
Dr. Vincent Schickel-Zuber  CEO of Prediggo.com, Switzerland, a recommender solution provider for e-commerce websites. Post-Doc at HCI between 2011-2013.
Dr. Rong Hu Ph.D. student at HCI between 2008-2012. Post-Doc at HCI between 2012-2013.
Dr. Sylvain Castagnos Associate Professor at University of Lorraine, France. Post-Doc at HCI between 2008-2010.
Dr. Nicolas Jones User eXperience consultant at ELCA infomatique SA, Switzerland. Ph.D. student at HCI between 2006-2010.
Dr. Li Chen Assistant Professor, Baptist University, Hong Kong. Ph.D. student at HCI between 2004-2008. 
Dr. Jiyong Zhang Co-Founder, CEO, CTO of Eayun Inc., China and Switzerland. Ph.D. student at HCI between 2004-2008. 
Dr. Paul Janecek
CEO of Think Blue Data Pvt. Ltd., Thailand. Professor and Department Head at
Aisa Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. Ph.D. student at HCI between 2000-2008.
Dr. Zoran Pecenovic Senior Solution Architect, Data at B-Source SA. Ph.D. student at HCI between 1998-2002. 
Dr. George Melissargos
Business Development Manager, EMEA Storage & Servers at Lenovo. Ph.D. student at HCI between 1996-2000.
Dr. Denis Lalanne
Senior Lecturer and Researcher at University of Fribourg. Ph.D. student at HCI between 1994-1998.
Dr. Lisa Purvis Ph.D. from University of Connecticut. Senior Manager of Customer Analytics at PayPal.

Former Assistants and Visitors of HCI/EPFL

Adriana Jurca
Assistant at EPFL between 1998-2000.
Pratyush Kumar
Assistant at EPFL, 2005. now Associate Director, Hewlett-Packard.
Omar Tazi
Assistant at EPFL, 1998, now Executive Vice President, Meditel.
Pratyush Kumar
Assistant at EPFL, 2003, now Co-Founder of CompareBroker.

Master Thesis Students

Oriane Rodriguez  Ardoise de Garde Medical (the design and implementation of a shift scheduling system for HUG), in collaboration with Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, Switzerland, between 2013 – 2014.
Alexandre Margot

Visualisation Of User Engagement In Mobile/ Online Applications In Three-Dimensional Space, in collaboration with Nothing Interactive Entreprise, Wabern, Switzerland, between 2013 – 2014. 

Elodie Nilane Triponez


Réalité hybride à l’échelle de la planète, in collaboration with France Télécom, IssyLesMoulineaux, France, 2013.

Mathieu Habegger MediaAlert, Automated Data Collection, Aggregation and Analysis! for Music Scheduling in Radio, in collaboration with SwissMediaPartners AGBern, Switzerland, between 2012 – 2013.
Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, USA.
Lionel Martin

Intelligent Filtering for Graph Visualization, in collaboration with SAP Labs France SAS, Mougins Cédex, France, 2012.

Maoan Zhou

A Comparative Study of Clustering Methods in Recommender Systems, EPFL Master Thesis, 2009.

David Poirier Quesnel Human Machine Interface for Equipment Control Devices, in collaboration with Secheron, SA, 2006.
Jerome Caffaro Master student
in collaboration with Cern, Switzerland
Thesis: Improving the Formatting Tools of CDS Invenio (October 20, 2006)
Grégory Delajoux User Interface Designer /Human Factors, in collaboration with Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, USA, 2005
Yves Dubugnon Evaluation of Exploratory Data Analysis Tools with and without Semantic Fisheye View, EPFL Master Thesis, 2004.

Simon Goumaz

Annotation d’Images dans les Collections Personnelles Digitales, EPFL Master Thesis, 2003.

Punit Kumar Gupta

Social Navigation of Information Space of Scientific Literature, EPFL and India Institute of Technology Guwahati Master Thesis, 2002.

Patrick Hertzog

Interface using Multimodal Agents for a Recommendation System, EPFL Master Thesis, 2000.

Andres Dubi

Design and Implementation of Electronic Catalogs, EPFL Master Thesis, 2000.

Thierry Jayet

Catalogues de Solutions pour Conception de Produits Multiples, EPFL Master Thesis, 2000.

Reto Kohlas

A Cooperative System in Assembly Sequence Problem Solving, University of Fribourg Master Thesis, 1996.

Frank Schnyder

Une Architecture Multi-Agents Pour l’Aide a la Definition d’une Conception, EPFL Master Thesis, 1995.

Master Semester Project Students

Maoan Zhou Semester Project: A Vacation Package Recommendation System based on Word of Mouth Information
ZhongZhong Ni Semester Project: Cultural influences on users’ disposition for decision accuracy and trust in e-commerce