Learning to Converse with Personas

April 12, 2019
Duration: One Semester
Goals: Build a dialog model that can produce character-specific response.
Assistant: Yubo Xie (yubo DOT xie AT epfl DOT ch)
Student Name: Open
Keywords: human dialog modeling, natural language processing

One of the main characteristics of human dialogs is the diversity of the responses: given an input message, one could have many responses that are equally good. This could be explained by the fact that people with different backgrounds and personalities could respond differently to the same utterance. This semester project aims at modeling different personas in data-driven approaches.

The student is expected to:

  • reproduce the existing work and train the model on the provided Big Bang Theory corpus
  • evaluate the model performance
Related Skills: Basic knowledge in neural networks and natural language processing
Suitable for: Master student. Interested student should contact Yubo Xie (yubo DOT xie AT epfl DOT ch) and Pearl Pu (pearl DOT pu AT epfl DOT ch) along with a copy of your CV.