Behavior Recommender Systems

Title: Behavior Recommender Systems Dates: 2013-2017 Researchers: Onur Yuruten and Pearl Pu Keywords: Activities of daily living, activity recognition, data mining, time series analysis, statistical analysis, behavior recommenders Abstract: Sedentary lifestyles influence the onset of many serious health problems. Healthy behavior change is an arduous task, but behavior recommenders can help their users achieve it. This novel […]


Title: Dystemo: Distant Supervision for Emotion Recognition in Tweets Dates: 2013 – 2016 Researchers: Valentina Sintsova and Pearl Pu Keywords: emotion recognition, social media analysis, distant supervision, twitter Abstract: Emotion recognition in text has become an important research objective. It involves building classifiers capable of detecting human emotions for a specific application, e.g. analyzing reactions […]

Emotion Recognition in Human Dialogs

Duration: One Semester  Goals: Build a specialized emotion recognition engine (ER) for human dialogs Supervisor: Dr. Pearl Pu Student Name: Open Keywords: Emotion Recognition, sentiment analysis, machine learning Abstract: Built on our lab’s competence in emotion recognition, this project aims at building a specialized emotion recognition engine for dialogs obtained from a big TV subtitle […]

Visualizing Personal Nutrition Intake and Emotions

Duration: One Semester Goals: Using tools like D3 to build an environment to let users explore, interact, and understand what their food journey has been in the past year, and how they are correlated with their emotion and mood. Responsible TA: Onur Yuruten (onur DOT yuruten AT Student Name: Yumeng Hou Keywords: information visualization, […]

Predicting Seizures in EEG recordings

Duration: One Semester Goals: Create and evaluate an EEG-based seizure forecasting system. Responsible TA: Igor Kulev (igor DOT kulev AT Student Name: Yuguang Yao (exchange student from Tsinghua University) Keywords: time series, classification, forecasting, healthcare Abstract: Epilepsy afflicts nearly 1% of the world’s population, and is characterized by the occurrence of spontaneous seizure. Seizure […]

Gamified Food Logging System

Intended for: Master project or thesis Goals: Develop a playful mobile app motivating its users to log their food intake over a long period of time. Supervisor: Dr. Pearl Pu Student Name: Open Keywords: Gamification, Prototyping, Nutrition, Well-being, User Study Abstract: Unbalanced diet is a major risk for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, metabolic diseases, […]

Happy Food: Exploring Effects of Nutrition on Emotional Well-being

Duration: One Semester Goals: Analyze relations between nutrition and emotional well-being based on the experiences reported in social media. Responsible TA: Pearl Pu Student Name: Othman Benchekroun Keywords: Emotion Recognition, Twitter, Data Analysis, Statistics, Social Media Analysis, Nutrition, Well-being Abstract: Nowadays, much about human behavior can be discovered from their online traces in social media. […]

Evaluating Interfaces of Visual Analytic Tools

Title: Evaluating Interfaces of Visual Analytic Tools Goals: Facilitate visualization techniques to explore “big data”, and provide a coherent method to evaluate information visualization tools. Responsible TA: Onur Yuruten Student Name: Taken Keywords: Visual analytics, visualisation, interface evaluation Abstract: The amount of data generated in scientific studies (such as in life sciences and pervasive healthcare […]

Design Guidelines for Crowdsourcing Emotion Annotations [Archived]

Duration: One semester Goals: Develop guidelines for designing a crowdsourcing task for textual emotion annotation. Responsible TA: Valentina Sintsova Student Name: Not assigned yet Keywords: Emotion Annotation, Crowdsourcing, Design Guidelines, Design Recommendations, Task Design Abstract: Annotation of emotions in collected text documents is an essential step for developing the reliable emotion classification system. It can […]