Gamified Food Logging System

May 9, 2016
Intended for: Master project or thesis
Goals: Develop a playful mobile app motivating its users to log their food intake over a long period of time.
Supervisor: Dr. Pearl Pu
Student Name: Open
Keywords: Gamification, Prototyping, Nutrition, Well-being, User Study

Unbalanced diet is a major risk for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, metabolic diseases, kidney diseases, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Diet is complex and rapidly changing. In addition to inter-person variability in dietary patterns there is important intra-person variability, including day-to-day and seasonable variability. Current methods to capture dietary intakes in epidemiologic studies include food-frequency questionnaires, 7-day food records and 24-hour recall. These methods are expensive to conduct, cumbersome for participants to use, and prone to reporting errors.

In this project, your goal is to re-design the experience of diet reporting. You will develop a mobile app to provide a joyful experience for users to log their food intake over a long period of time. As a first step, a survey of gamification design for such apps will be conducted, followed by the identification of successful criteria. Based on such findings, you will then apply design-thinking methods to create several solutions that satisfy both the design context and the criteria. After several iterations, the design will evolve into a highly interactive prototype before it is tested by real users. Other techniques used include stakeholder analysis, user empathy, experience mapping, and ideation of design solutions.

Related Skills: Design Thinking; Principles of Human-Computer Interaction; Mobile app development experience is a plus; Interest in Well-Being, Nutrition, or Gamification
Suitable for: Master students at their final stage of studies. Please send email to pearl pu along with a copy of your CV.