Evaluating Interfaces of Visual Analytic Tools

November 17, 2015
Title: Evaluating Interfaces of Visual Analytic Tools
Goals: Facilitate visualization techniques to explore “big data”, and provide a coherent method to evaluate information visualization tools.
Responsible TA: Onur Yuruten
Student Name: Taken
Keywords: Visual analytics, visualisation, interface evaluation

The amount of data generated in scientific studies (such as in life sciences and pervasive healthcare applications) is growing to an extent that it will be too time consuming, if not completely impractical, to apply manual analysis alone to derive significant conclusions and to verify hypotheses. To address this problem, many studies aim to deliver information visualization tools to aid scientists to explore their data. However, the information visualization field lacks a common methodology to evaluate and compare such interfaces for their usefulness and usabilities. This is an excellent opportunity to investigate existing methods, and either determine the best method, or if possible, find a way to unify them.

The responsible student will:

  • Survey information visualization techniques, and qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods
  • Develop an information visualization tool (or improve an existing interface) with algorithmic functionalities
  • Employ the evaluation techniques to validate the tool, and elaborate on the usefulness of each technique
Related Skills: Web development (Javascript, HTML, PHP, SQL); Visualization libraries for Javascript (such as D3, Rickshaw, etc.)