November 18, 2013
Title: Empatheticons: Designing Emotion Awareness Tools for Group Music Experience
Year: 2012
Researchers: Yu Chen and Pearl Pu
Keywords: Group music player, user experience, social interaction, group influence, emotion awareness, emotion presentation
Description: Online group music players provide music playlists for a group of people. In such systems, group members sometimes listen to group songs individually. How to create the sense of connectedness for members who are listening to music in different time and locations is understudied. In this project, we investigate the roles of emotion awareness tools and how they may enable connectedness. We first describe the design of empatheticons, a set of kinetic emotion representations. We then show that they allow users to represent, annotate, and visualize group members’ emotions in GroupFun, a group music player. An in-depth user study (N = 18) with GroupFun demonstrates that empatheticons enhance users’ perceptions of the connectedness (immediacy) and familiarity (intimacy) with each other in a non-collocated and asynchronous setting. Furthermore, users’ emotion annotation for group songs can be influenced by other group members. We conclude with design implications and directions for future research.
Sponsor: Swiss National Science Foundation
Links: main page (images, video, demo, paper)