Recognizing Emotions in Olympic Tweets

December 5, 2013
Title: Fine-Grained Emotion Analysis in the Tweets about Olympic Games
Dates: 2012-current
Researchers: Valentina Sintsova and Pearl Pu
Keywords: Emotion Recognition, Social Media Analysis, Emotion Visualization, Human Computation
Description: Social media platforms such as Twitter or Sina Weibo have become a common way for people to share opinions and emotions. Sports events are traditionally accompanied by strong emotions and the 2012 summer Olympic Games in London were not an exception. This project aims to develop tools for analysis of the emotions expressed in social media during the Olympic Games or other popular sports events. We use the 20 fine-grained emotion categories of GEW to allow users to distinguish the personal reactions with more details. We work both on the automatic extraction of those emotions in the tweets and on their compact visualization.
Sponsor: Swiss National Science Foundation
Links: Main Page (images, visualization demo and video, AMT task demo, emotion recognition poster and paper)