Emotional Kineticons in Online Social Environment

November 29, 2013


Title: Emotional Kineticons in Online Social Environment
Duration: One semester (February – June 2012)
Responsible TA: Yu Chen
Student Name: Alfredo Cerezo Luna
Goals: Visualize and express emotions in online social environments.
Solution: Embed emotion in Facebook profile pictures.
Keywords: Interface Design, Emotion Visualization
Abstract: We started by defining a library of 9 kineticons according to music related emotions, such as: transcendence, joyful, wonder, tenderness, nostalgia, pacefulness, energy, sadness and tension. We then implemented the kineticons in GroupFun, a group music recommender system that suggests a common playlist for users. Our evaluation was based on a live user study. Aiming at proving that our kineticons are well understood we showed to 15 users our design together with 3 words description of emotion and asked them to vote for the words that best describe each of the 9 kineticons. Additionally, we prepared a video of 9 emotions, each corresponding to a song. All 15 users watched the video and rated (from 1 to 5) the appropriateness of how the kineticons describe the emotions evoked by the song.