Emotion Recognition in Human Dialogs

December 8, 2016
Duration: One Semester
Goals: Build a specialized emotion recognition engine (ER) for human dialogs
Supervisor: Dr. Pearl Pu
Student Name: Open
Keywords: Emotion Recognition, sentiment analysis, machine learning

Built on our lab’s competence in emotion recognition, this project aims at building a specialized emotion recognition engine for dialogs obtained from a big TV subtitle dataset.

The responsible student will:

  • Survey the state-of-the-art methods in text-based emotion recognition 
  • Build an ER from basic lexicons to gradually more domain-specific ones
  • Semi-supervised machine learning
  • Validate the method 
Related Skills: Strong background in data mining, machine learning, and statistics. Interest in natural language processing and emotion modeling. 
Suitable for: Master Student. Interested student should contact Dr. Pu along with a copy of your CV.