A Vacation Package Recommendation System based on Word of Mouth Information [Archived]

February 20, 2008
Title: A Vacation Package Recommendation System based on Word of Mouth Information
Duration: One Semester
Responsible TA: Jiyong Zhang
Goals: The goal of this project is to design and implement a prototype vacation package recommendation system through blog articles that the users are interested..
Keywords: recommender systems

Over the past few years there has been an exponential growth both in the number of bloggers and blog articles. Reading blog articles now becomes a natural activity for many online users and their taste can be largely determined through the articles they had read and rated. It would be quite beneficial if the recommendation system could gather the user’s preferences directly through her activities in reading/rating blogs and generate a personalized recommendation product list to satisfy her needs.

In this project we intend to develop a vacation package recommendation system which can gather users’ preferences through their reading behaviors and ratings of some travel-related blog articles, and then recommend the desired vacation packages to the end-users. The challenge of this project is that we need to make the recommendation cross through the travel blog article space to the vacation package space.

Project Results:
  • Implementation of a prototype Vacation Package Recommendation website with blog functions;
  • A user study to testify the performance of the recommendation system.
Required Skills
  • Previous experience of website development
  • HTML / CSS / PHP / Mysql / Javascript