A Generic Need Assessment Questionnaire


As you probably know, we are developing ……………. We request your completion of this questionnaire to help us learn more about your……………. needs and preferences.

The information you and others provide will assist us in developing a software (device, or website) that better addresses your needs and preferences.……………. The answers you provide will be treated as strictly confidential.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Question Group no.1: Demographics questions

Name: _______________

Your mobile phone number: _____________________

Age: 17-25 26-40 41-55 56-

Gender: Male Female

Which continent are you originally from:
Africa America Asian Europe Other (please specify______)

Education: High school College Graduate school

Student Teacher Manager Worker Stay-home Retired Others (please specify______)

(You can add or remove items based on your requirements. Also you can divide this section into sub-sections if necessary or re-organized one question group to another according to the context of your project.)
Question Group no.2: Background questions
Starting from here, we will start to ask you some questions about your online experience.
1. Are you an internet user?
1.1 As you are an internet user, which of the following online applications do you usually use while getting on internet? (You can make multiple choices)
A. Online media. (For example, browsing news online using the website of BBC, CNN, ….)
B. Information retrieval (For example, using Google to search for a hotel, a job…)
C. Internet communication (For example, using email, instant messager, like MSN, Skype)
D. Online community (For example, using blog, forum, facebook)
E. Online entertainment (For example, playing online game, browsing youtube, internet radio)
F. E-commerce (For example, purchasing airline tickets, and buying things at eBay and Amazon)
G. E-learning (For example, learning languages, cooking skills)
(This question is proposed if you want to design a website. In this way, you could know whether your interviewee usually make usage of the online service you are about to develop.)

Ok, from now on, we would like to ask you some questions related to your interest and experiences about ………
2. Have you performed this task before?
(replace “this task” to your specific task. For questions listed below, it is the same.)
3. How often do you perform this task on average (per year/per month/per week)?
4. Usually, do you perform this task by yourself or ask someone to do it for you, such as your secretary?
4.1 If you prefer someone to help you, whom do you usually ask?
5. Could you briefly describe how you perform this task?
(Sometimes, this question could be separate into several sub-questions leading participants to describe the whole process. The design of questions depends on your specific application.)
6. How do you perform these tasks currently? With software, or not?

If they haven’t performed these tasks with software, they only need to go through question group no.3.
If they have performed these tasks with software, they need to answer questions in group no.3 and group no.4.
Question Group no.3: Questions assessing offline experiences
7. Generally were you satisfied with offline experience?
8. Have you met any problems when you perform this task?
9. If you have met problems before, what were they?
10. In your opinion, what can improve the performance of these tasks?
Question Group no.4: Questions assessing online experiences
11. As you have used similar XX systems/products before, we would like to ask you the following sub-questions.
11.1 How often? Could you list some of them?
11.2 Which function(s) have you used? Were you satisfied with these function(s)? why?
11.3 Considering the features that you do not prefer in these systems/products. What makes them not valuable for you?
12. Do you prefer accomplishing it using the offline method or completing it online?
13. What did you do when things went wrong?
Question Group no.5: Questions on product discovery
14. If there is a system/product which can help you complete this task, which functions do you expect it would have?
15. How long do you think is acceptable to accomplish this task with the assistance of this system/product? (The other way to this question: Do you foresee any time constraints while you are performing these tasks?)
16. What kinds of features do you think would attract you to use this system/product?
17. What do you think would make you give up this system/product?
18. What kinds of information you would like to supply when you use such system/product?
19. How will you learn to use this software to perform these tasks?
20. Will you communicate with others while performing these tasks? Via email, chat, etc.
21. What other feedback would you like to give us on this needs assessment questionnaire?